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  • Pat Flynn

    Blogging to Be Everywhere

    with Pat Flynn

    Intro snippet:

    Pat Flynn was working in the architecture industry when he set up his first blog. The site was a place for him to share what he was learning as he studied for the LEED AP Exam.

    After Flynn was laid off from his job, he began to focus on his blog full time and soon became the go-to place for architects looking to study up on sustainable energy. In about a year, he turned it into a $100,000 business.

    By late 2008, Flynn was earning so much money through passive income that he decided to start another blog:

    Pat Flynn Today

    Today, Flynn is a 29-year-old professional blogger. He devotes himself to helping people follow in his footsteps through Smart Passive Income.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Picking the Right Niche
    • What Makes a Good Post
    • Driving Traffic
    • Multimedia Content
    • How Social Media is like a Party
    • Complete Email Marketing Strategy
    • Pat's Road to Blog Profits

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  • Brian Moran

    Facebook Domination

    with Brian Moran

    Intro snippet:

    In 2009, Brian Moran graduated from college as an All-American baseball player with a degree in Marketing. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate into a career right off the bat.

    He started a website called, where he taught people his baseball know-how. Brian started a Facebook page for the site, but he mostly abandoned it after getting only a couple hundred fans.

    Then, in the summer of 2010, Moran began experimenting with Facebook ads. He set up a funnel system to collect people’s emails and sell them a baseball training product. After some tinkering, Brian eventually hit a formula that worked and his money spent on Facebook ads started to pay off with sales and leads.

    When the Train Baseball Facebook page reached 10,000 fans, Moran knew that he was onto something. He started a new website and fan page dedicated to helping other people succeed with Facebook and called it Get 10,000 Fans.

    Brian Moran Today

    Get 10,000 Fans went from 0 to 140,000 fans in just about a year and today it’s a million dollar business.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to Get Started
    • Customizing Your Fan Page
    • Website Integration
    • How to Get More Fans
    • Effective Status Updates
    • Building a Community
    • Facebook Monetization
    • Facebook's Future

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  • Yanik Silver

    Copywriting Magic

    with Yanik Silver

    Intro snippet:

    Yanik Silver’s father immigrated to the United States from Russia with just $256 in his pocket. He started a business selling medical equipment to doctors and soon recruited his young son to help make sales.

    Through his teenage years, Yanik mastered his craft as a salesperson and helped the family business grow.

    That’s when Yanik got a bright idea: by putting direct response ads in medical journals, the company could sell medical supplies all across the country. The business thrived as Yanik became an expert at writing effective sales letters. Before long, Yanik was working as a consultant for other businesses.

    One day, Yanik Silver woke up in the middle of the night with a question on his mind, “How do I create fully automatic websites that makes me money while I sleep?” He wanted to take his knowledge of making sales and start turning profits on the fast- growing Internet. A month and a half later, he had created, a website where he sold sales letter templates. He made $1800 in the first month. Within three months, he was on track to make six figures from the site.

    That was 2000 – and is still bringing in thousands of dollars every month. It was so successful that Yanik has created a whole new career in helping people taking their expertise and leveraging it to earn a passive online income. He has since made over $15 million from the Internet.

    Yanik Silver Today

    To that end, he’s started an online seminar called Underground that is sold-out year after year and Maverick Business Adventures, an unconventional consulting company.

    What you’ll learn:

    • What You Must Do Before You Begin Writing Copy
    • The Importance of Story
    • Formulas and Strategies
    • How Visuals Can Make Your Pages Pop
    • Video Sales Letters
    • How to Overcome Their Objections
    • The Risk in Hiring Somebody Else to Write Your Copy

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  • David Risley

    Email Marketing

    with David Risley

    Intro snippet:

    In 1998, David Risley founded a website called, which provides do-it-yourself computer help.

    He first monetized the site by putting up banner ads a couple years later. Eventually, Risley began collecting email subscribers and turned email marketing into a six-figure business.

    David Risley Today

    In 2008, David launched He uses that website as a platform to teach people how to earn more money from their own blogs.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to Get Started
    • Using Auto-Responders
    • The Best Opt-In Areas
    • Managing a Healthy List
    • How to Write Simple, Effective Emails
    • The Relationship Between His Blog and List
    • Making Sales with Email
    • Future Trends in Email Marketing

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  • Lewis Howes

    Selling Digital Products

    with Lewis Howes

    Intro snippet:

    Back in 2007, Lewis Howes was playing linebacker and wide receiver for the Tennessee Valley Vipers Arena League football team. But two games into his rookie season, Howes broke his wrist while stretching out to make a catch. In a moment, his career as a professional athlete was over.

    With his arm in a cast and without a college degree, Howes had difficulty finding a traditional job. He turned online business and quickly became an expert on the business networking site, LinkedIn. He wrote a paperback book on LinkedIn and launched it as his first online product, turning a small profit. Howes kept at it and eventually became one of the world’s foremost experts on LinkedIn.

    Lewis Howes Today

    He creates educational learning courses for small business owners on how to get more leads, traffic, and sales online. It’s a multimillion dollar business that he operates out of New York City (when he’s not traveling the world). Howes’ websites include,, and

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to Pick a Product Idea
    • Tools for Selling Online
    • Pricing Strategy
    • The Sales Process and Conversion Tricks
    • The Launch Process
    • The Power of Video Sales Letters
    • How to Build a List with LinkedIn

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  • James Schramko

    Affiliate Marketing Mastery

    with James Schramko

    Intro snippet:

    James Schramko used to be in charge of a $100 million car dealership, but he left to pursue Internet marketing.

    It was a good decision.

    Based out of Sydney, Australia, Schramko began building a list and developed several successful products, including TrafficGrab. He once sold over $140,000 of a product in one week.

    James Schramko Today

    James has his own affiliate marketing network with many premium domains and team of employees. They sell many of their own products, along with a pair of masterminds hosted by James.

    Schramko also has a pair of thriving SEO businesses, SEO Partner and LinkJuice.

    What you’ll learn:

    • 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success
    • The Tools of the Trade
    • How to Build – and Manage – a Profitable List
    • What Makes a Product or Service Successful
    • Internet Marketing Karma

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  • Jacob Cass

    Designing Awesome Websites

    with Jacob Cass

    Intro snippet:

    Jacob Cass first got his first taste for graphic design as a young teenager, editing photos of his high school friends and putting up them online.

    At the age of 16, he got his first job as a freelance graphic designer. In November 2007, he started a blog dedicated to design and creativity, JUST Creative. Two more successful websites followed: Logo Designer Blog and Logo of the Day.

    Jacob went on to earn a degree in Visual Communication and received a job offer from a New York City design firm.

    Jacob Cass Today

    Now 24 years old, Jacob continues to create award-winning design, both as a freelancer and for Ammirati (a firm whose clients include Powerade, Vitamin Water, and Jerry Seinfeld).

    What you’ll learn:

    • The Design Process
    • The Designer’s Toolkit
    • What Makes Good Design
    • Designing to Convert
    • Colors & Branding
    • Working with Designers
    • Web Design Trends

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  • Matt Wolfe

    Managing a Membership

    with Matt Wolfe

    Intro snippet:

    While still in college, Matt Wolfe started a blog on investing and finance called “How I Will Be Rich.”

    After a few months building it, Wolfe was earning a little over $100 a month with AdSense. He started another blog on fitness and soon was earning a modest income from his websites, about $800 a month.

    Matt Wolfe Today

    In January 2012, Matt Wolfe made $22,899.14.

    What's changed? For one, he’s no longer relying on AdSense. Instead, he’s using membership sites as his primary revenue stream. His biggest website right now is The WordPress Classroom. Members pay a monthly fee of $37 to access regularly updated videos that guide people how to make great websites on WordPress.

    He also runs a blog on business and blogs at

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to Differentiate Your Content
    • Inside “The A La Carte Method”
    • How to Make a Site Members Only
    • Setting the Right Price
    • 4 Ways to Promote Your Membership Program
    • Retaining Members
    • Matt’s Plans for the Future

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  • Tyrone Shum

    Outsourcing Your Work

    with Tyrone Shum

    Intro snippet:

    In 2005, Tyrone Shum started an online business selling carbon-fiber Dragonboat paddles. Business was booming, but unfortunately that meant Tyrone was working 60 hours a week to keep up.

    Wanting more free time, he read The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and began outsourcing much of his labor. Within six months, Tyrone was working just 10 hours a week.

    Tyrone Shum Today

    Tyrone has since sold his Dragonboat business and began working as a full-time blogger. His sites include and, where he teaches people how to follow in his footsteps and outsource work effectively. Shum is one of the world’s leading experts on outsourcing.

    What you’ll learn:

    • When and How to Get Started
    • The First Position to Hire
    • The Interview Process
    • Shum’s All-Important Management System
    • Quality Control
    • Training Methods
    • The Future of Outsourcing

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  • Derek Halpern

    Psychology of Blogging

    with Derek Halpern

    Intro snippet:

    Derek Halpern was introduced to the concept of making money with a blog back in 2005, when he started reading humorous dating stories at

    That year Halpern started his own blog, but he soon discovered that his own dating stories weren’t nearly as audacious (or popular) as those of Tucker Max.

    Undaunted, Halpern started a celebrity gossip site. The site went live in early 2006 and by February of 2007 it was already generating millions of visits per month.

    Derek Halpern Today

    In 2010, Halpern started a new website, one dedicated to helping entrepreneurs understand the psychology behind getting more web traffic, leads, and sales. Halpern plans to build to a readership of 100,000 (as of April 2012, he’s already racked up 26,000 subscribers). He’s been featured or quoted in Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.

    What you’ll learn:

    • When to Start Selling Online
    • How Psychology can “Future-Proof” your Marketing Efforts
    • How Derek Collects Data
    • The Role of Blogging in Business
    • Triggers that Encourage Social Sharing
    • Step-by-Step Guide to a Psychologically Effective Blog Post
    • Where to Put Opt-In Forms on your Site
    • How to Write “Hard-Hitting” Content

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  • Gideon Shalwick

    Video Marketing

    with Gideon Shalwick

    Intro snippet:

    Five years ago, Gideon Shalwick had a good job in New Zealand, but he wasn’t satisfied with it. He was sick of building an asset for someone else and not being able to follow his passion.

    So he and his wife decided to quit their jobs, immigrate to Australia, and start a business.

    Gideon’s first venture was to write and sell a self-development book about his experiences. After six months of writing and preparing for an online launch, he and a promotion partners released the book. It was a success and Gideon was instantly hooked on entrepreneurship.

    Gideon Shalwick Today

    Gideon has since transitioned from writing books to making online videos. Today, he runs a very successful business-centered blog on teaching people how to use video marketing to grow their business. He achieves this primarily through his YouTube channel (GideonShalwick) and his ebook, Rapid Video Blogging.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How Gideon Learned Video Skills
    • The Best Camera, Microphone, and Software
    • How to Dominate YouTube
    • What You Need to Know about Video SEO
    • How to Get More Views
    • Selling with Video
    • The Six Weapons of Influence
    • The Future of Online Video

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  • David Sinick

    Search Engine Optimization

    with David Sinick

    Intro snippet:

    David Sinick first tried to make money online when he was in the 7th grade. He designed some novelty t- shirts and began selling them on an online forum. Ten years later, he still has about 50 of the shirts sitting in his attic.

    David’s next attempt was Fitrepreneur, a blog on which he interviewed professionals in the fitness industry. Though he learned a lot from running the site, he never made a dollar from it.

    David Sinick Today

    Today, he runs a successful SEO company called BeastMedia, with his partner Tom Lambert. His clients include Michael Dunlop and Media Beast actually doubled Income Diary’s search engine traffic over a period of five months. He’s also the co-author of the WordPress SEO Blueprint, a comprehensive course on search engine optimization for WordPress websites.

    What you’ll learn:

    • What Google's Looking For
    • Blogging and SEO
    • Social Media and SEO
    • On-Site SEO Optimization
    • Tactics Building Off-Site Links
    • How to Avoid Getting Punished by Google
    • Rising Trends in SEO

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  • Syed Balkhi

    Social Media Wisdom

    with Syed Balkhi

    Intro snippet:

    Syed Balkhi first became an online entrepreneur buying and selling domain names as a teenager.

    Shortly after, he started using MySpace and selling his statuses. Syed began developing his own websites and learning skills like coding, graphic design, and search engine optimization. While still in high school, he launched Genuine Web Directory, grew it to an Alexa rank of 30,000, and then sold it so he could focus on his studies.

    In 2006, Syed founded Uzzz Productions, a website development service. Then in 2009, he launched, a free resource site for everything WordPress. His latest site, launched in the fall of 2011, is List25 – and entertainment site which features lists of 25 things.

    Syed Balkhi Today

    Syed doesn’t consider himself an expert in social media, but the facts say otherwise. In just three months, List25 has garnered over 100,000 Facebook fans, 10,000 Twitter followers, 1,000,000 views on YouTube, 3,000,000 collective Stumbles, and 5,000,000 monthly page views. Syed Balkhi is 21 years old.

    What you’ll learn:

    • The Importance of a Cross-Platform Brand
    • Building Relationships with Your Competitors
    • How List25 got its first 30,000 Fans
    • Tips for Higher Facebook EdgeRank
    • Advice on YouTube
    • The Importance of URLs
    • Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+

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  • Ben Jesson

    Conversion Optimization

    with Ben Jesson

    Intro snippet:

    After earning a degree in graphic design, Ben Jesson went to work as a designer for a telecommunications business.

    Once he optimized the company’s website for search engines, it was getting plenty of traffic. Unfortunately, despite strong search rankings, the industry was in decline and business was waning. Jesson and his co-worker Dr Karl Blanks (a former Cambridge Ph.D. rocket scientist) began focusing on web analytics and conversion, implementing split-testing and multivariate testing to create highly effective pages. The result: they tripled the company’s sales in 12 months.

    Around that time, Jesson and Blanks wrote an article called “101 Ways to Use Google Website Optimizer.” Just 18 hours after they published it, they received an email from Google inviting them to be consultants. Conversion Rate Experts was born.

    Ben Jesson Today

    Today, Conversion Rate Experts has a team of 18 people, from all over the globe. They optimize websites to convert better, turning visitors into customers. Their clients include some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google, Apple, and Sony.

    What you’ll learn:

    • What to Know Before You Optimize
    • Optimizing to Get More Email Subscribers
    • Practical vs. Pretty Design
    • Why to Avoid “Best Practices”
    • Free Split-Testing Tools
    • The Value of Real Life Salespeople
    • Optimizing Your Funnel

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  • Stephen Beck

    Webinar Domination

    with Stephen Beck

    Intro snippet:

    Stephen Beck owned a remodeling company for 20 years in College Station, Texas. When he went to seminary in Idaho, he stopped working for the company – but he realized that he still had kids in college and a family to feed.

    Beck saw the Internet as an opportunity to earn revenue while away.

    After achieving moderate success with a website and ebook, Beck put on a webinar for the first time. That week, he earned $50,000 of revenue.

    Stephen Beck Today

    Beck continued to use webinars during his time at seminary and grew the business into a bread-winner. Now back home, Beck teaches people how to follow in his footsteps through his Wildly Wealthy Webinars.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to Get Started with Webinars
    • Attracting an Audience
    • Webinar Strategies
    • The Power of Interactivity
    • How to Deliver a Perfect Webinar Pitch
    • The Future of Webinars

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  • Michael Dunlop

    Website Monetization

    with Michael Dunlop

    Intro snippet:

    Michael Dunlop is only 23 years old, but he’s already been building websites for nine years.

    At 17, after attending Yanik Silver’s Underground conference, Michael Dunlop got the idea to create a blog about making money online. He started in 2006 and was soon attracting thousands of subscribers and earning a healthy profit.

    Michael Dunlop Today

    Today, at the age of 23, Michael has become one of the world’s foremost experts on website monetization. One of his blogs, Income Diary, had about 130,000 visitors last month. One of his products, the $47 PopUp Domination, has sold over 10,000 copies since 2010.

    What you’ll learn:

    • The Easiest Way to Make Your First Dollar
    • Michael’s Three Monetization Methods
    • How More Content Means More Money
    • How to Come Up with Your Next Product Idea
    • Why Michael Doesn’t Offer a Service
    • Michael’s Affiliate Advertising Strategy
    • Landing – and Keeping – Advertisers
    • The Future of Website Monetization

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  • Cody McKibben

    Digital Nomading

    with Cody McKibben

    Intro snippet:

    In 2006, Cody McKibben was working full-time at a business school. While looking into MBA programs, he started up a blog and began to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP.

    Through his blog, Cody connected with a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley named Rajesh Setty. When Setty asked Cody if he knew anybody who could build him a WordPress website, Cody couldn’t think of anyone – so he spent the next two days building the site for free.

    Setty was so impressed that he started referring more clients Cody’s way. By September 2007, McKibben’s business had grown to the point where he was able to quit his day-job and become a full-time entrepreneur. That’s when he bought a one- way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

    Cody McKibben Today

    McKibben has come to embody the role of the digital nomad. He has spent the last three years working from his laptop in Thailand and going on frequent adventures to neighboring countries.

    In February 2011, McKibben launched the Digital Nomad Academy – an online program designed to help people create successful, location-independent businesses. His website,, challenges people to start living life on their own terms.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Advice on Living Abroad
    • How to Get out of the Rat Race
    • The Perks of Being a Nomad
    • Overcoming Travel Challenges
    • How Cody Makes Money

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  • Neil Patel

    Internet Entrepreneur

    with Neil Patel

    Intro snippet:

    When Neil Patel was 16 years old, he was looking for a job on He noticed how successful the site had become and decided he wanted in on the action. So Neil founded, a replica of Monster.

    But the site didn’t have any job listings and it didn’t have any people looking for jobs. That made Advice Monkey a bust, but it taught him the importance of driving traffic to your website.

    Still in high school, Patel starting mastering techniques to optimize websites for search engines and he decided to use SEO as his subject for a speech class assignment. One of his fellow students was impressed enough with Patel’s knowledge that he connected Neil with a job as an SEO consultant.

    Neil Patel Today

    Patel is focused on his company, KISSmetrics – a tool to that helps companies make more money from their websites.

    KISSmetrics provides software that tracks a website’s most relevant data, like its true conversion rate and the funnels where people are dropping off. Clients include Viacom, Amazon, AOL, and AirBnB.

    Patel has another successful startup, Crazy Egg, and a blog on business and marketing, QuickSprout. At 26 years old, Neil is a Top 100 Technorati blogger and Wall Street Journal labeled him as a top influencer on the web.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to Build an Awesome Business
    • How His Blogs Make Money
    • Creating an Online Brand
    • Company Culture and Bringing on a Team
    • Landing Big Customers and Negotiating with Companies

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  • Ryan Lee

    Continuity is King

    with Ryan Lee

    Intro snippet:

    Ryan Lee was a gym teacher. Passionate about helping people become fit, he started a personal training service. He made a simple website for the business and began writing articles about athletic training.

    His readers began asking Ryan for customized workout programs and when he started providing them, he found his first source of online income. Selling training equipment provided a second stream.

    In 2001, Lee decided to try his hand at a membership website. He took all of the content that used to be free and made it password protected. In his first month using this strategy, he made over $5,000.

    Ryan Today

    In the last ten years, Ryan has developed many more websites and continuity programs. He’s branched out from fitness and now spends most of his time teaching people how to follow in his footsteps and become successful online marketers.

    How successful? All together, his businesses pull in seven figures each month.

    What you’ll learn:

    • 4 Steps to Starting a Successful Continuity Program
    • The Software You’ll Need
    • The Best Type of Content
    • What Makes a Good Sales Page
    • The Two Most Powerful Words in Continuity Retention
    • Future Trends in Continuity

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  • Josh Bartlett

    Software Creation & Launch

    with Josh Bartlett

    Intro snippet:

    Josh Bartlett was working as a manager in a bank in the UK when he first discovered selling on eBay.

    During his lunch break, Bartlett would buy products from local stores and flip them online for a profit. It started as a hobby, but Josh soon became one of the country’s first “Platinum Power Sellers” on Ebay.

    Bartlett decided to write an ebook on how to make money selling on Ebay. He priced it online at about $40 and was soon making a consistent income. Just like that, Bartlett was hooked on the idea of selling his own products online – ones that would never run out of stock.

    Josh Bartlett Today

    Bartlett has since moved from selling ebooks to software. His product, Easy Video Player provides a platform to help people build their email list and make sales through interactive video. The highly successful product has gone through several iterations in the last few years and Bartlett is currently developing Easy Video Suite, which will offer the ability to record and edit video as well.

    Bartlett is also in the process of a launching a website called, which will offer marketing and business related products at discounts.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Refining an Idea for Software
    • Why Software Sells
    • Where to Find Coders
    • How to Manage a Team
    • The Two Lists You Need
    • How to Deliver Your Software Product
    • The Importance of Customer Support
    • The Future of Software Creation

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